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What Is Big Chief Baggers?

• Actors
• Apparel
• Showmen

About Big Chief Baggers

We consist of Master Builders, Fabricators, Customizers, Designers, Creators, Bikers, Lowriders, Show Stoppers, “BIG WHEELS”, Celebrities, So California based. HD Motorcycles we offer custom stretched Hard Bags, Fenders, Razor Tour Packs, Side Covers, Inner and Outer Fairings, Gas Tanks, Bars, Crash Bars, Grips, Controls, Floor Boards, Highway Pegs, Sound Systems, Custom Wheels from 18 inch to the Ultimate 32 inch. Custom Built Motorcycle Sales, And rentals for Movies, Commercials, Music Videos, Photo Shoots, Exibit and etc. A must have is, our Awsome Design Apparel available for men, women, children all in different styles and colors to choose from! At Big Chief Baggers our goal is to customize as many Bikes and Vehicles as possible and shock the public with our Show Stoppers! BCB are devoted riders as well as competative builders and what seperates us from the rest, we not only customize bikes for show but make certain that every bike we build Radically, not only in a fully custom way but can also be ridden with the safety and comfort that Harley Davidson Motorcycles has to offer and have proven just that! BCB has built custom bikes for celebrities and bikes that have been featured in films and TV shows and what brought us to fame is in fact BCB being the first to come up and ride a Bagger with a 26 inch front wheel and also and 30 inch front wheel on a Bagger world wide and thats a fact! Due to our “BIG WHEEL” creativity we have reached a world wide trend were everyone that was once skeptical about this trend overcame their fear and negativity and has followed what BCB started. Now everyone is doing it and makes us extremely proud to know that Our “BIG WHEEL” trend is a number #1 Hit.

Big Chief Baggers Family living life to the fullest with “GODS BLESSINGS” Live your Life RIDE SAFE!!!!

What Does Big Chief Baggers Do?

• We are Trendsetters
• Custom Built Bikes, Cars and More
• Family of Actors
• Available for Shows And Exhibitions
• Available for Music Videos
• Everything Motorcycles!

Eddie Briseno is number three of six Children to Mexican National Parents both from “Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico” Eddie and his five Siblings were Raised on the West Side of The San Fernando Valley California “Canoga Park” to be exact! By their Single Mother working three jobs, Eddie Never really knew his father. Eddie … See full bio »

Furious 7‘ Thug’ Hector’s Crew (2015)
Clockwork Prison Dog (2017
Above the Line Cholo (2015)
Encarnatus Big Chief